Zwei Kinder mit Gießkannen gießen Gemüse

Sternschnuppen für Kinder

The foundation of our owner family

In 2014, Clemens Keller, our managing director and owner, and his wife Alexandra created the “Sternschnuppen für Kinder” foundation. This private foundation provides sustainable support to children and young people all over the world – and does so independently of commercial interests.

The foundation works hand in hand with experienced partners like Vivamos mejor, a certified aid organisation in Latin America, to realise projects that promote genuine self-sufficiency. Our owner family are especially interested in support relating to farming and nutrition, enabling people to improve their living conditions for themselves. The aim of the foundation’s projects, which are closely linked to local communities, is to initiate sustainable changes that last even after the project ends.

It’s not just about temporary success, but rather that the communities can continue with the positive changes independently. That’s why local organisations are closely involved in the foundation’s work and local partners remain in contact with the communities even after the projects end, ensuring that progress is maintained and that the support continues to bear fruit.

More info about the foundation

Porträtfoto im Grünen von Herr und Frau Keller

Creating future opportunities: help for children worldwide

“We like to help children in poorer countries have a promising future. We support local projects and investments in health, nutrition and education. Helping people to help themselves means enabling local people to maintain their improved livelihoods long term and operate profitably even after the project ends.”

Alexandra and Clemens Keller