Natural pleasure for every moment of the day:
The brands of the Seeberger Group

Overview of the Seeberger Group product range

Snacks from nature

“There is pure nature in every nut and every fruit. Our snacks combine natural pleasure, highest quality and sustainable fairness – a triad that makes us unique and our snacks so special.” – Christian Liebsch, Head of purchasing department

Seeberger Mandeln, Cashews und Pekannüsse auf beigefarbenem Untergrund

Nuts & seeds

From the Luxury Nut Mix to the Crunchy Fava-Snack: our delicious nuts and seeds are the energy boost for every moment.

Getrocknete Cranberries, Datteln und Bananenchips auf orangenem Untergrund

Dried fruits

Whether as a snack or an ingredient, our dried fruits have a flavour and natural sweetness that impress.

Seeberger Nüsse und schokolierte Cranberries liegen auf rose Untergrund

Sweet & salty

From fruity sweetness to savoury roasted nuts – special mixes for demanding snack lovers.

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Luxury products for businesses and restaurants

“Seeberger Professional combines true coffee passion with first-class full service. Good coffee is crucial in the business world. In Seeberger we’ve found the ideal partner for that.” Marco Häusler, CEO of Heimathafen Hotels

Milchkaffee und Espresso auf Tablett mit Obstschale daneben

Product world

Whether aromatic roast coffees, luxury hot chocolate or fine tea creations, our Professional range satisfies every taste.

Milchkännchen mit dampfender Milch an Siebträgermaschine

Device world

As a roasting specialist, we find the ideal machine for every requirement, from tabletop devices to automated vending machines.

Smartphone in Hand mit geöffneter App vor Vendingautomat

Service world

As part of our personalised full-service support, we offer complete solutions from machines to payment systems.

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Experience Seeberger

“Immerse yourself in the many-faceted flavour world of Seeberger in our Genusswelt. It is a place of good taste, learning and experiencing with all the senses.” – Christin Grabka, Genusswelt

Icon zu Genussmarkt: Mitarbeiterin beim Regale einräumen


All our nuts, seeds and dried fruits, our coffee and tea specialities, as well as delicacies from local partners.

Zwei Gäste mit gedecktem Frühstückstisch im Café


Coffee roasted in-house, superb cakes, a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes – all with a focus on regionality and best quality.

Blick in großen Konferenzraum mit Bestuhlung

Seminars & conferences

Small meeting, hybrid conference, large gathering or team event – the Genusswelt has the right space for a successful function.

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