A family company

with tradition


If you’re familiar with Seeberger, you’re sure to be familiar with our “core” business – from nuts to dried fruits, to coffees and teas of the very best quality. And this quality is no accident: Our tradition is shaped by respect for nature, for people and for cultural variety. With these values in the bag we’re always heading in new innovative directions and are always open to change. Respect for nature and for the people who give their best at the source and in Ulm – that’s the basis of our work day-by-day.


In our long company history we have not always taken the easiest path. From the first moment, we always felt responsible for the people we work with and for the environment, which we would like to leave as untouched as possible for the generations to come.


For generations our company has been growing with one raw material: natural products. Today we are the market leaders for a wide range of foods relating to dried fruits and nuts. Our success would not be possible without optimal cultivation conditions at the source and the high commitment of our employees and suppliers. We bear responsibility for that? Our corporate values give security to employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. For generations they have determined who we are today and who we will be in the future.


Sustainability is a tradition at Seeberger. Consistency in core values and a passion for innovation result in high product quality and quality of life. To achieve this, we have introduced specific measures such as climate footprints, sustainability guidelines for suppliers and employee profit-sharing. Above all: absolute fairness towards everyone we interact with on a daily basis. The aim: we want to create good living and working conditions and preserve natural resources in cultivation, allowing future generations to grow precious food on the same farmland.

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Quality governs our actions and our work. But what exactly goes into this special Seeberger quality? For us it means specifically that we keep a close eye on every nut, every fruit and every coffee bean on its way from the source to Ulm. From the cultivation of our raw materials to their transport and processing, we must ensure that only the very best product makes it into the shopping basket.