Pearl Barley

Gerstengraupen von Seeberger, 500 g

Pearl Barley

Product information

In culinary terms, barley is best known as an ingredient in beer. Along with einkorn and emmer wheat, this is the first cereal that was deliberately grown and cultivated by humans. The little grains enrich stews and soups, but also make an excellent addition to salads or an unusual side dish, such as “barley risotto”. The barley corns grown in Lower Saxony are processed after harvesting by de-hulling and polishing, creating the pearls. The pearls give dishes a slightly tart aroma and supply many minerals.


Pearl barley

Nutrition Statement

Source of fibre

This product is

  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • lactosefree*
  • no added sugar**
  • no added salt***
* recipe – cross-contamination possible.
** Contains naturally occurring sugars.
*** Contains naturally occurring sodium.

Nutrition facts

(per 100g)

  • Calories (kj/kcal) 1.461 kj/345 kcal
  • Fat 1,4 g
  • of which saturated fatty acids 0,4 g
  • Carbohydrate 71 g
  • of which sugar ** 1,2 g
  • Protein 9,7 g
  • Salt *** 0,02 g

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