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The world of nuts at Seeberger

The crunch of twigs beneath your feet walking through the forest. The babbling brook to your left. The feel of rain on your face when you close your eyes. The cool water of the sea playing around your toes. What is your favourite moment of pleasure? Whatever it may be: treasure it. Here at Seeberger we have packed our favourite moments of pleasure from nature into little orange bags, which are easy for you to take out and about with you. For your pure moment of pleasure – wherever you may be.

It’s as though our nuts, for example, have been designed for that. They supply your body with precious Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and fibre. Some are pure and unadulterated, but our range also includes refined, roasted nuts and nut mixes alongside our natural nuts with or without shells. See for yourself!


Nuts with shells

With shells and packed full of flavour: walnuts and peanuts for a cosy evening.

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