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Snacks from Seeberger

Lie on the sofa, get under a blanket and cuddle up to your loved ones, light candles, switch off and immerse yourself in another world – that is a cosy and relaxed (film) night at home. Give your fantasies free rein and take matters into your own hands – and popcorn and chips too of course. Our crisp apple and banana chips, for example.
Our snacks are also ideal when you’re out and about and will get you through a long working day in the office or long journeys.

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There's a scent of popcorn in the air: Conjure up fresh, home-made popcorn in the blink of an eye with our high-quality popcorn maize. Or prepare it in the microwave. Sweet or salty – it’s entirely up to you.



Treat yourself with our apple and banana chips. The tasty dried slices of fruit are the perfect snack between meals!

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